Twitter Direct Messages Management Application

Twitter message manager
Somebody sent you a DM with a telephonenumber and you are notable to find that direct message?
Would you like to delete lots of messages, but not all?
In this article, we present an excellent tool, Twitter Message Manager, to manage twitter direct messages.
With this tool, multi accounting and multilanguage, we are able to filter direct messages by user – selecting user and applying filters.
Selecting a specific user, we are able to filter also by words, so we will only obtain messages of that user that contain those specific words.
If we filter by word without select in gany user, It Will show us all messages that contain that word from all users.
We are able to filter received messages at a particular date.
If we indicate a word and a date, I will filter all messages with that word at those recorded dates.
We are able to select a lot of messages and delete them with only a ‘clic’.
With spam option,we are able to add words and users to a list, in order to visualize or select only messages from those users or words.
From this apllication, we are able to send direct messages selecting ‘send direct message, or on an user, clicking on the right button, and ‘send message to”.
There is a button to actualize, that will upload messages again including last ones we have just received or sent..
We are able to change language (now English and Spanish, althoug It is thought to incorporate catalán, euskera, galego and lleunés).
It supports many accounts that we are able to add and delete. Besides, from ‘about’ button we are able to check available updates.
We upload here the tutorial video about how to install and configure it, and how to manage filters..
Any question o suggestion, please making a comment on this post, or mentioning ‘@proconsi’ in twitter.
We hope you find it very useful.
Link to download: twitter message manager.
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